Illuminate Your Senses With Every Puff

Complete the sensory experience of the #KwitSmoking revolution with Lumina. Stimulate your taste buds, sense of smell, touch, and sight with every illuminated draw of our latest closed-pod system.

Be a Luminary Now

Technology That Shines Through

Equipped with the sixth generation ceraKoil™ atomiser, an all-new K6 chip, and the biggest KSpod to date at 2.5ml capacity, Lumina is capable of illuminating your palate with the best flavour sensation and most consistent draw to date.

Dual Light Allure

Inhale and Lumina’s dynamic multicolour LED on both sides of the device light up with a mesmerising glow—guaranteed to catch anyone’s eye. Tap the USB-C port three times to switch between standard and multicolour lighting modes.

Cutting-Edge Design

Featuring a glossy finish, Lumina is aesthetically and functionally made with aerospace-grade aluminium. It provides an ultra-smooth yet sturdy grip, precise airflow for better draw, and bigger pods for extended pleasure—all while lighting up a prism of colours as you draw every flavourful breath.

Discover extended pleasure with the all-new 2.5ml KSpod for Lumina.

Equipped with the sixth generation ceraKoil™ atomiser for more satisfying flavour delivery, smoother draw, and zero impurity.

Dynamic dual feature light mode on two LED strips. Switch between standard and multicolour lighting modes by tapping the USB-C port 3 times.

Introducing Quick Charging 3.0. With 450mAh battery, USB-C port, and the incredible power efficiency of the K6 chip, Lumina can be fully charged in 20 minutes for all-day performance.

Child lock designed to prevent children from using the device. Simply tap the USB-C port 5 times to turn on the lock.

A Closer Look


Device Dimensions 118.46 x 19.6 x 10.6mm
Pod Capacity 2.5m 
Device Weight 19 g
Pod Dimensions 51.33 x 20.2 x 11mm
Battery Capacity 450mAh
Pod Weight 7.7g (with eLiquid)
Charging Time 20 minutes
Thermal Resistance 1.0Ω
Ingredients Glycerol, Propylene Glycol, Flavouring, Nicotine Salt

Quick Charging, Longer Lasting

Dynamic Multicolour Lighting

More Puffs With 2.5ml KSpod

Compatible With the Latest 2.5ml KSpod System

Bigger and better, the all-new 2.5ml KSpod for Lumina is built for longer-lasting satisfaction.

Glow Up With Lumina


User Reviews

“So Flavourful”

Applicable with a USB Type-C charging port for quick charging and optimal battery life.

Allison White

“Sleek design”

Embedded with magnets to hold the device securely in place with any KSpod and designed with twelve structural matrix layers to prevent internal leakage and condensation.

Chan Ming Fei

“Smooth inhale”

A revolutionary lightweight device that holds the first innovative 4-layers PLF ceramic coil with high thermal efficiency, nanoscale ceramic micropores and advanced ultrasonic cleaning technology to give you a smooth impurity-free flavour delivery every time.



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