2nd May 2024

Kardinal Illuminates Eid With a Raya Open House Unlike Any Other at IllumiRaya

Featuring Amy Search, mixed-media creative installations, and the AR-enabled Lumina Raya Discovery Pack, Kardinal brought the big guns out for IllumiRaya.

On Saturday 27 April 2024, Kardinal opened its door to selected guests, VIPs, celebrities, stakeholders, influencers, and more for IllumiRaya, a Raya Open House unlike any other. Set at the scenic Boathouse by the Lake, Ampang, the event regaled audiences with an illuminating sensorial experience of taste, sight, and sound.

An Illuminating Evening of Tradition and Innovation

Inspired by the illumination of Eid and the glow of Kardinal's latest closed-pod system, Lumina, IllumiRaya brought together a collection of musicians, experience makers, and artists, shining a light on the intersection of emerging tech, performance arts, and culture.


Not Just a Smoking Cessation Brand

Giving the spotlight to both seasoned and up-and-coming musicians, as well as unique experience makers in production design, emerging tech, street and traditional arts, IllumiRaya refocused Kardinal as a lifestyle brand with an eye on the cultural zeitgeist. 

Attendees were treated to captivating live performances by rock legend Datuk Amy Search, hip-hop mavericks GARD WUZGUT, indie rock quartet Midnight Fusic, and alternative pop songstress Lunadira. On the traditional side, Kicau-Bilau mixed ambient music with traditional instruments, Jemput Dengar curated a DJ set filled with vintage tunes from the Nusantara region, while JK Performance Studio delivered a modern silat performance, all backed with live visuals by experimental artist Tobu.

In addition to the music performances, the venue was illuminated with light-based décor and mixed-media interactive installations. Adding to the spectacle was also street artist Fritilldea, who lent his internationally recognised talent to Kardinal for a live mural painting showcase.


Introducing the Raya Discovery Pack for Lumina

Exclusive to the Raya season, IllumiRaya saw the launch of the AR-enabled Raya Discovery Pack for Lumina. With an interactive AR component, the Pack is ideal for capturing the Kardinal product experience on social media.

This limited edition release includes one KS Lumina device (Moss Green) and 10 KSpods Lumina curated for the Raya season, and was given out to every IllumiRaya attendee as part of their doorgift.

A Glimpse Into the Future of Kardinal

With a stellar lineup of legends and emerging musicians, creative technologists, and artists, IllumiRaya showed Kardinal's commitment to supporting the creative community in Malaysia. 

As Director of Operations Erwin Teow stressed in his welcome speech, this is the first step in re-establishing Kardinal as a wholly local brand from Melaka. While ultimately, Kardinal hopes to aid everyone in their #KwitSmoking journey, the Kardinal brand experience is beyond that.

Kardinal supports local artists, musicians, technologists, and more—we're cultural purveyors.

• IllumiRaya: A Kardinal Open House went down at Boathouse by the Lake, Ampang, on Saturday, 27 April 2024.