Quik 2000

Introducing the all-new

Kardinal Stick

Disposable Vape for
Immediate Satisfaction

Ultra simplicity

Featuring no keys or buttons, the KS Quik is great
to keep on the go for that convenient nicotine hit.

Rechargeable battery

KS Quik 2000 comes precharged and is ready to use out of the package. Recharge the device
with USB-C for maximum puff count and consistent flavour satisfaction.

Mesh Coil

The KS Quik atomizer is equipped with organic cotton fiber with Mesh Coil to deliver layers
of flavour sensation and a dynamic experience.

Higher puff count


Pre-filled and fully charged with refreshing flavours
for immediate satisfaction.

[7-8 days average use]

11 amazing flavours

A variety of flavours for a rich and satisfying experience.
Available in 3% salt nicotine.

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